Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Saint Paul United Methodist Church has served the Lincoln community from the heart of the city for nearly 140 years. With more than a century of growth and service, Saint Paul has long served as a beacon of light to the Lincoln community by opening its doors and meeting the city’s spiritual needs.


St. Paul, while rich in history, lacked a modernized brand and website. With their history and core values in mind, we created a complete branding strategy for the church. Each element tied the rich history that St. Paul represents with the modern values they incorporate into the church today.


We developed their website to showcase the church’s commitment to its community through different programs, calendars, upcoming events, and an easy-to-use donation center. We designed and built a refreshed website that’s as inviting and warm as St.Paul itself.

Print Materials and Slide Deck

Our work together continues to flourish. Each week, we design all of the church’s printed materials, from bulletins to newsletters, as well as slide decks to accompany each Sunday’s sermon. Like St. Paul’s history, we know our partnership has a storied past and equally bright future.