Powering Progressive Women in Pennsylvania


Our partnership with the Represent PA has helped embolden a digital outreach program for an important cause: Ensuring more progressive, pro-choice women are elected to the state legislature.

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In Pennsylvania, more than half of all registered voters are women — and Represent PA is on a mission to ensure they are equitably represented. The sole organization in the Commonwealth dedicated to supporting progressive women running for the State Legislature, Represent PA approached BCom in 2022 looking to optimize their online fundraising pipeline and expand their reach.


We partnered with Represent PA to upgrade their digital infrastructure and enhance their outreach programming leveraging our expertise to revamp their website, build and expand their email and texting programs, and set up a scalable fundraising ecosystem that has seen tremendous growth in its first cycle of engagement.

Mobilizing Pennsylvanians to Support Women

Represent PA's mission to support progressive women running for office resonates strongly with not only voters in the Commonwealth, but with BCom’s campaigns staff. Partnering with Represent PA in 2022, our team was motivated to help them meet their goals by any means necessary, combining our digital expertise with our unyielding drive to advance equitable representation in our government.

Digital Infrastructure
with Purpose

Since working with Represent PA, our core focus has been building a robust digital infrastructure that can scale at the rate the organization itself is growing. That has meant migrating their entire email program to a new platform optimized for growth and analytics, deploying a text program for reaching supporters at high velocity, and acquiring email names which has greatly expanded engagement capability.​

With these systems in place, we have been able to broaden Represent PA’s outreach by leaps and bounds, more than doubling their actives email send universe by over double in under one year alone. Additionally, we have prioritized engagement in various non-fundraising opportunities to drive broader support of Represent PA, including event marketing, GOTV initiatives, online petition drives, and supporter surveys.

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Powering a 75% Fundraising Growth

One of the high-impact ways we helped Represent PA level-up their online presence was with a ground-up website redesign. From the beginning of the process, we understood that visuals were just the beginning; optimizing user interaction was vital for a successful fundraising pipeline. Our goal was to optimize the user experience overall, with more seamless user journeys routing to both fundraising and upcoming events.

With a focus on compelling visuals and an intuitive user interface, this design overhaul made it easy for visitors to navigate and engage with Represent PA's cause. In the five months following the website's relaunch, Represent PA experienced an extraordinary 75% increase in fundraising directly attributed to website traffic.

A Stronger Future Together

Our collaboration with Represent PA showcases the power of strategic alignment and the impact of seamless user experiences. By mobilizing thousands of supporters online and significantly boosting fundraising efforts, we helped Represent PA advance their cause of promoting pro-choice state legislators. BCom remains committed to leveraging our expertise for meaningful collaborations that empower progress and drive positive change, and looks forward to getting more women elected in the Commonwealth in 2024.