About Us

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About Us

Full Service Marketing & Advocacy

At BCom, we partner with campaigns, causes and companies who are on a mission to drive positive change. We do this because we exist to amplify purposes that matter.

For more than 10 years, we’ve partnered with start-up companies, candidates for office, purpose-driven organizations and worthy causes. No matter how big or small, each of them have sought to make the world a better place. To us, that matters. 

Our impact-driven team uses digital strategy and production to amplify our partners’ causes to the people who need them most. Because it’s harder than ever to break out of the digital noise, but our team knows how to captivate attention far and wide — and get results that make a difference.


In-House Experts

Our expert team encompasses digital strategy, creative, paid media and fundraising with the proven records to back it up. 

After a decade of growth — including the Jan. 2023 acquisition of Veracity Media , we’re prepared to bring our growth-oriented mindset to a partnership with you.


Midwest Roots. Nationwide Impact.

Rural America is seen by many as flyover country. For us, it’s home — where our company was founded and where our headquarter remains. Since then, however, we’ve deepened our political practice with a strong presence in Washington, D.C.; and our team now spans even farther, with staff representing BCom in every corner of the nation.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re committed to creating a workplace culture that reflects the impact-driven work we do for our clients. BCom is proud to have an employee-run Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board that meets biweekly to address and implement solutions that constantly push our work forward.

Our Values

BCom’s company values aren't just words on the wall; they're a compass that directs our actions and inspires us in everything we accomplish. We make it a daily mission to embody these principles in each project, conversation and decision we make, ensuring our work with partners truly reflects what we stand for, together.

One boat, one mission.

We row in the same direction to serve the mission of our company. Do good for our clients and for each other. Collaborate in a way that eases the workload and burden for everyone. Our collective effort is greater than the sum of its parts.

Be honest.

We tell the truth with our clients and with each other. We’re honest about our work and the way we do it. Honesty is easy – and convenient –  when things are working. It’s hard – but required – when things are tough.

Be present.

To win, you have to compete. To compete, you have to show up. We show up for our teammates, for our clients and for our communities.

Relationships matter.

We forge meaningful connections with our clients, our teammates and the communities we serve — from our founding in rural America to the halls of the nation's capital.

Win the tough fights.

Outcomes matter. We keep our clients and their success and goals at the front of everything we do. Purpose-driven work is edgy, fast-paced and challenging. We fight to win every day.