Unlocking Student Potential in North Carolina


Working with the North Carolina Education Corps, we have constructed programming that has matched thousands of tutors with students across the state — leading to improved test scores and future leaders.

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Launched in 2020, North Carolina Education Corps (NCEC) is addressing a literacy crisis by connecting high-impact tutors to students across the state. In 2022, NCEC set a goal of recruiting at least 500 new tutors to join the program. But converting these prospective corps members to tutors isn’t easy: not only is it difficult to reach them, but many tutors historically felt unqualified to lead high-dosage tutoring.


In partnership with NCEC, BCom created and implemented a robust digital strategy and communications plan, which streamlined NCEC’s outreach programming and continues to engage, educate and convert prospective tutors. This has included targeted digital advertising, multi-format creative production and regular consultation on promotional and communications strategy which has helped NCEC grow their member database by hundreds.

Elevating Education

BCom’s strategic approach to recruiting reluctant tutors in North Carolina began with messaging. We wanted to demonstrate that impactful tutoring isn't defined by a degree but by passion, positivity and flexibility. We sought to inspire potential tutors to envision their potential impact and step up to work as high-impact tutors. Our digital strategy focused on exceeding outreach targets, leveraging a wide array of creative solutions and utilizing targeted digital advertising to maximize recruitment efforts.

Exceeding Outreach Targets

During the second year of our collaboration with the North Carolina Education Corps (NCEC), we implemented a robust digital strategy aimed at sourcing tutors for various partner schools across the state. Over a span of three months, our strategically crafted lead generation campaign successfully amassed an impressive count of nearly 2,200 valuable contacts for prospective tutors – many of which went on to make a positive impact in the tutoring program.

Successfully generated over


high-quality leads to support our recruitment initiatives aimed at placing dedicated tutors in numerous schools throughout North Carolina

Consistent, Captivating Creative

Our creative team reinforced NCEC's unique brand identity through a wide array of promotional materials, including social media graphics, high-performing digital ads, printed recruitment materials distributed across the state and online digital templates, which allowed the NCEC team to produce autonomously. Many of these materials are key proponents in recruiting and circulating information about the program in order to turn out a key number of tutors.

Targeting Tutors

Reaching prospective corps members across North Carolina required an extremely targeted approach to digital advertising. By leveraging our expertise in developing highly specific prospective tutor profiles, we were able to reach specific and untapped markets in North Carolina. Over time, this has led to thousands of signups online and increased overall awareness and engagement with NCEC online.

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Why It Matters

Our collaboration with North Carolina Education Corps showcases the power of strategic digital approaches in solving real-world challenges. By leveraging creative solutions and digital advertising expertise, we managed to exceed recruitment goals and inspire prospective tutors to recognize their potential impact, embodying the spirit of impactful education.

BCom's digital marketing services have been crucial to meeting our goals. With BCom's keen ad sense and strategic support, we were able to double the number of tutors recruited and build a strong waitlist of passionate, qualified individuals to support our work.

Rebecca Burton

Marketing & Communications, Senior Manager North Carolina Education Corps