St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church

St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church is an inclusive, faith-based community with a rapidly growing congregation located in West Omaha. BCom partnered with St. Andrew’s to fulfill their branding and design needs so they could focus on their mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Logo + Branding

Our design team put together a clean, versatile logo that St. Andrew’s can use everywhere. The symbol is simple, relevant and easy to recognize. It can be paired with words or stand alone. 

We also delivered a full brand guide to the St. Andrew’s team. This document not only explained how to use each version of their new logo, it also broke down their brand’s typography and other graphic resources, making the whole package easy to implement in future digital and printed materials. 

Print Deliverables

Finally, we put their new branding to use by designing a variety of design templates for bulletins, posters and slide decks.


Our photography team visited St. Andrew’s on a Sunday morning to capture the essence of their congregation. Authentic candids of fellowship and kiddos in Sunday school helped to freshen their current web design.

Wrap it Up

We’re happy our partnership with the St. Andrew’s community provided the branding resources they needed, while allowing their leadership team to focus on serving others.