Nebraska State Education Association

Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) is a member-directed union of professional educators. A digital strategy, branded the #ProudEducator campaign, was built for the organization to increase membership and recruit new educators.

Join NSEA Landing Page

The goal of creating a landing page dedicated to membership information was to serve as a knowledgeable source for why and how NSEA memberships matter to all teachers and public education specialists.

Digital Strategy & Paid Media

A digital strategy was created for NSEA for increasing reach and impressions via social and email, with the goal of driving traffic to the landing page.

Digital ads were deployed via Facebook and Instagram. Targeted ad audiences were built to reach various age groups and demographics. For example, millennials and new teachers were identified as an audience where NSEA membership was particularly low.

Email campaigns were also deployed to potential members. These emails highlighted the #ProudEducator campaign that included teacher testimonials and how NSEA provides benefits to its members.


At the end of the 3-month campaign, our ultimate goal was to increase knowledge about the benefits of an NSEA membership, as well as new sign-ups. We helped NSEA reach their goals by recruiting new members using digital channels.