Lincoln Education Association

Lincoln Education Association (LEA) is a local affiliate of the Nebraska State Education Association and the National Education Association. They are the recognized bargaining agent for certificated staff in the Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. The organization was established in 1921 and now has over 2,800 active and retired members.

The previous LEA website was out of date and in need of an update. It was hard for their members to navigate. Other needs and improvements include a member portal to view their documents, organization and easy navigation.

Member Portal

The newly designed LEA website is beautiful on the front-end and the backend. The backend portal makes it simple and easy to find all the documents and resources that you need. LEA exists to make your professional life easier.

Keep up with LEA!

On the homepage you’ll find a social section where you can keep up with events going on at the Lincoln Education Association. You can also check out their Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what is happening at LEA!

Connect with LEA

Partnering with BCom Solutions to construct a new online mainframe has given LEA the opportunity to connect with education professionals. An upgraded hosting setup ensures that millions of visitors experience a high-speed connection to the resources they need.