HTRS (Humboldt, Table Rock, Steinauer) Public Schools is small consolidated public school system located in Southeast Nebraska, just 20 minutes away from the city of Auburn. Though the HTRS district is rural and sparsely populated compared to Class A and B Nebraska school systems, its research-driven success rate is strong and HTRS students emerge well-rounded and prepared for college.

The HTRS administration approached BCom Solutions at the end of a four-year construction project seeking a promotional video showcasing not only their new space, but also the district itself.

HTRS Video

HTRS didn’t just seek a video to highlight the new physical additions to their Humboldt building. The district also wanted to showcase all it has to offer area students. Though the district may remain small in population, the administration wanted to remind patrons about the many opportunities  for HTRS students.

The HTRS school district recently completed a large construction project to bring its students the space and resources they need to be successful, active, and college-ready. It was important for this project to include strategic shots of their brand new weight room, classroom space, and commons.

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The BCom team designed, directed, and produced the final product to fulfill the needs of the HTRS public school system and provide the administration with the customized solution it needed to showcase everything the district has to offer. We had a blast working with the HTRS Public Schools administration, faculty, staff, and students!