Sanford Bishop

Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. has faithfully represented the 2nd Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives for decades. With the emergence of a new campaign landscape (i.e. Covid-19), it was apparent that new campaign strategies would be required to achieve success in the general election. We partnered with Rep. Bishop’s team during the 2020 election cycle to offer his campaign new digital depth.
(Spoiler alert: He won!)

Digital Persuasion

Congressman Bishop had been winning the 2nd District using conventional advertising methods for almost three decades — but events that took place in our country – and Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District – in 2020 required a new strategy for reaching new voters, younger generations and more targeted audiences. It was time to scale back on billboard ads and start reaching young voters where they are (the internet). 

Our team wasted no time assembling a targeted paid media strategy designed to strengthen Congressman Bishop’s name recognition and accumulate an arsenal of voter email addresses. 

We also designed and launched the congressman’s first ever snapchat ad campaign, targeting young and first-time voters. 

Content Strategy 

Our targeted social media ads allowed us to grow Congressman Bishop’s email list exponentially. With our brand new and sizable arsenal of email data, we leaned heavily into content strategy. 

Our content team tailored weekly editorial calendars for Facebook, as well as email updates designed to educate voters and raise tens of thousands of dollars.

Video Strategy, Media Planning and Production

Leading up to the November 3 election, our team coordinated video production on site in Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District. The videos showcased Congressman Bishop’s experience. The campaign invested heavily in targeted advertising platforms like OTT, Instagram and Snapchat to appeal to voters who may not have otherwise seen the content and testimonials.

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We were proud to partner with Team Bishop to achieve the congressman’s first digital-first victory.