Crafting an Online Voice for a Senior Congressman


In 2022, the DCCC added Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop’s (formerly safe) seat to their Frontline program. Our strategic, persuasive digital campaigns helped protect this critical seat — and raise thousands in the process.

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Congressman Sanford Bishop has held an impressive career as a champion of civil rights and defender of farming communities in rural Georgia. Over the past two cycles, the Congressman’s goal has been not only protecting his reputation as a steadfast leader for Georgians, but ensuring that the campaign is reaching new voters without consistent broadband access.


BCom has worked to build a meticulous content strategy aligned with Congressman Bishop’s lifetime of service. This has demanded innovative strategies that bridge the digital divide, by establishing a robust online presence, engaging a broad spectrum of audiences and taking a multifaceted approach to targeting and engaging voters effectively.

Digital Strategy

Starting in 2020, BCom teamed up with Congressman Sanford Bishop, an incumbent of 30 years representing rural Middle and Southwest Georgia. We built the Congressman’s first-ever digital strategy — capitalizing on his remarkable track record and ultimately securing key electoral victories.

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From pioneering email fundraising to targeted social media advertising, our strategies have amplified the Congressman's illustrious track record, reinforced his authentic message and bolstered his position in the digital realm.

A New Standard for Fundraising

In the 2022 cycle, the DCCC added Bishop’s (formerly safe) seat to their Frontline program. Our strategic, persuasive digital campaign, including powerful video spots, played a pivotal role in securing this crucial seat — and raising thousands of dollars in the process, making our programming entirety ROI-positive. In fact, Rep. Bishop saw his single largest fundraising quarter ever in 2022.

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Leveling-Up Creative

To address the high-stakes nature of Congressman Bishop’s race, BCom’s creative team was engaged to rejuvenate the campaign’s visual ecosystem. This included adapting the campaign logo and making significant upgrades to the website design and user experience.

A Resounding Success

BCom's partnership with Congressman Sanford Bishop exemplifies the importance and untapped potential of rural America. By blending innovative digital strategies with a deep respect and understanding for the voters in rural Georgia, we crafted a success story that resonated with constituents and safeguarded a critical seat in Georgia's Congressional delegation.

Whether it was rapid response content, creative digital fundraising strategies or integrated paid media tactics, BCom was never just a “digital” firm. They were an essential part of our team and provided top notch service and responsiveness, while working collaboratively with all aspects of our campaign.

Robert West

Campaign Manager, Congressman Sanford Bishop