Amplifying the Voices of Rural Health Care


BCom partnered with the Nebraska Rural Health Association to develop the "I Love Rural Health" campaign, a narrative-driven multimedia project that aims to shine a light on the unsung health care workers impacting communities across Nebraska.

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Nebraska Rural Health Association is on a mission to (1) start a public conversation around rural health in Nebraska and (2) build public support for maintaining and improving access to rural health care. To tackle these challenges, it is imperative to reach Nebraskans who care about where they live — and show them that the strength of rural Nebraska is defined by the strength of rural health.


Working with BCom, the Nebraska Rural Health Association launched the I Love Rural Health campaign. This multi-year initiative includes a campaign website and a series of documentary-style videos and crowdsourced written content, showcasing success stories from rural health care providers across the state. The ongoing series spotlights the wide range of health care capabilities across Nebraska, such as mental health care services, diversity programming in marginalized communities and prescription affordability — all while shining a light on the unsung Nebraskan health care workers impacting their communities every day.

Diagnosing the Real Barrier

The I Love Rural Health campaign is a natural fit for our purpose-driven team.

The stakes are high for health care in rural America. In Nebraska, two-thirds of the state has been categorized as medically underserved. In fact, at least 91 of Nebraska’s 93 counties suffer a primary health care shortage in at least one specialty.

For Nebraskans in some of the most remote parts of our state, this means that crucial services such as maternal and obstetric care, mental health care and routine preventative care can be hours out of reach.

Yet, in the face of adversity, rural health care providers and advocates across Nebraska are more determined than ever to secure a healthy future for their hometowns.

We launched this campaign on a mission to start impactful conversations — in small communities and large cities alike — to build appreciation, confidence and support for these providers. Ultimately, the campaign is about visibility. We’re aiming to tell real stories that not only uncover the existence of Nebraska’s rural hospitals, clinics and health offices — but also celebrate their critical role in keeping Nebraska healthy.

Organizing a statewide stand against diabetes

As we set out to identify the best message to connect with Nebraskans, our research revealed that health care barely registers on the list of issues most rural Americans consider top priority. Or at least that’s what rural Americans might tell you.

But a second look shows that nearly all of the issues rural Americans do consider top priority are directly tied to health care. For example, rural America is concerned about jobs. Meanwhile, the numbers don’t lie: Rural health facilities are among small communities’ leading employers and economic drivers.

With this insight uncovered, we set out to tell a story about the importance of local health care by tying it to the community attributes that are more top-of-mind for Nebraskans. With that, our primary message was born:

Strong rural health is strong rural Nebraska.

Prescribing a Creative Solution

Developing a strong logo and brand identity rooted in Nebraska’s rustic charm was only the beginning for this campaign.

Our creative team traversed the state to produce an open-ended series of documentary-style video stories. Visiting a new hospital, clinic or office in each story, every I Love Rural Health video zeroes in on a single unique strength or theme demonstrated by the featured health care team.

The videos have revealed how Fillmore County Hospital is turning the tables on rural mental health care access; how quality care is making a difference for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska; the way Grand Island refuses to overlook veterans; how West Point’s faith-based ministry is changing patient outcomes.

And so. Much. More.

While each video tells a different story about a unique offering or strength, the collective series demonstrates that rural health matters by zeroing in on why it works: communal resources, passionate providers and community-based care are the keys to healthy communities.

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Partnering to Multiply Impact

Over time I Love Rural Health has captured the attention of other statewide organizations, such as the Nebraska Hospitals Association, Creighton University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and more.

The support of these partners allowed us to double down — producing more content and shining a brighter light on the untold stories of rural health care in Nebraska.

To learn more about the campaign and see more stories, visit iloveruralhealth.com.