The Tools That Power BCom

On any given day at 919 Central Avenue, you might find darts flying through the office, or maybe Julia eating a pint of macaroni and cheese. But behind all of this “fun,” BCom is building beautiful digital marketing tools for campaigns, causes, and companies. Some people might think we just “sit on the computer” all day. While, for some of us, that may be true, we use a lot of modern tools at BCom.

So why are we sharing them with you? We’ve found these tools are critical to our productivity and success. And since we’re all about sharing the awesome with others, we want your company to achieve equal amounts of awesome. You might use all of these, some of these, or none of these. But for those of you who have been wondering how we reach millions of people on a monthly (sometimes weekly) basis, here’s the secret behind those tinted windows at 919 Central Avenue:

Slack – like many startups, we live on Slack. No, not the “art of procrastinating.” We’re talking about the communication platform that is taking over chat/digital communication. We communicate internally as a team on Slack and keep all of our client projects up to date via “channels.”

Asana – at any given time, each of our team members has about 100 things they should be doing. We manage those tasks in Asana, our task management tool. It’s also a source of excitement and entertainment for our CEO to go through and comment on the overdue tasks during the wee hours of the night (FYI, he never sleeps).

WordPress – We use this open source software to build (almost) all of our sites. We don’t use a tacky template or copy the design from another site (even if you LOVE the design). We custom build everything from the ground up and throw it in WordPress to make managing the site easier.

Flywheel – Our incredible, Omaha-based hosting partner. Our friends at Flywheel give our beautiful sites a place to live. Many people ask us where we host our sites. We happily host them with a Nebraska-based company. Flywheel and BCom are happy to be partners in building beautiful WordPress sites.

Giphy – No one likes a boring work day. Some days, we ALMOST have boring days. Until we remember we have Giphy. Check it out. We’ll let you decide why we find it so entertaining.

Beautiful People – Check out our Culture page to see what we’re talking about. We interact with people who love what they do — not only at team BCom, but also our customers and partners. We like to surround ourselves with happy, productive people who want to make a difference. Does this sound like you? Check out our Careers page, or Contact page to look at open positions or to reach out about a potential customer relationship!

Some fancy cameras – Rachel is our resident photographer. She’s not an iPhone rookie like most of us. Her cameras are “large and in charge” and her photos are beautiful. Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio page and her personal website.

And large computer monitors – What goes well with large cameras? Really, really large computer monitors. Our philosophy: all of our sites look better on 54″ monitors. Who knew?

“Wake Up and Be Awesome” BCom Mugs – If you happen to stop by 919 Central Avenue and sip our delicious coffee, chances are you’re drinking out of one our signature mugs. Having a bad day? Just open the cabinet and fill one of these up with a cup of joe. That’s how we start every morning at BCom.

Want to learn more about how we make awesome things happen? Shoot us a message, give us a call, or drop in! We can’t wait to meet you.