The BCom Internship Experience

As the spring semester comes to a close, we’re bidding our interns Jazmyn and Bertin farewell. We’ll miss both of their contributions around the office, like helping write social content, running analytics reports, and most importantly, tolerating our weird sense of humor for 20 hours a week (we kid, sort of. Sorry, guys).

Jazmyn and Bertin are ready to graduate and head off into the vast, unknown expanse often referred to as “the real world.” While we’ll miss them both dearly, we know they have great things ahead of them.

Read the interview below to see their final thoughts on the BCom internship experience.

Why did you initially want to work at BCom Solutions?

Jazmyn Brown:

Prior to BCom, I had never worked at a digital marketing agency before. My first few internships were a performing arts nonprofit, an environmental nonprofit, a social media agency for financial institutions, and then BCom. Digital marketing involves email marketing, social media strategy, paid media, websites, graphics and event promotion on social.

I wanted to work at BCom to learn how to do all of these things and because I knew there was an opportunity to learn even more than that.

Bertin Jacobo:

I first met Brent Comstock in my Digital Insights and Analytics class in mid-February 2018. His presentation on how campaign spending and advertising go hand in hand is what drove me to ask questions because of my ADPR major and minor in Political Science.

I wanted to work at BCom Solutions because I could put my education to its maximum use in a real work environment where I can work and at the same time gain skills and knowledge that other students may not have a chance to even grasp.

What was the most valuable thing you learned while working here? How would you compare your skills now to when you first started?


My job had many different roles and responsibilities. From editing to copywriting to learning how to ask people for money to finding sales leads to email, it was all an experience. My responsibilities evolved and changed the longer I was there, but each part was pivotal in my internship experience.

Learning how to write and edit more concisely and effectively can be attributed to the content strategist who pushed me in what I wrote and how I wrote. She pushed me to think about the strategy of what I was writing instead of “writing just to write.” I can honestly say that starting at BCom, I was not a confident writer or editor but leaving, I feel the complete opposite.


I can go on about describing all the important skills I learned such as social listening, a deeper knowledge of digital analytics, and the management of campaign funds. But the most valuable thing that I learned in this experience is that a solid team foundation will lead to successful work that makes an impact. I came into this position green as grass with an open attitude eager to learn.

I’m leaving my position as a Digital Associate seasoned and prepared to take on the next chapter in my professional career. The skills and connections I’ve made at BCom Solutions have helped me open many new doors and opportunities, and I am forever grateful for being brought aboard into this wonderful organization.

What's a favorite memory?


My favorite memory would be the Christmas party. Food, drinks, the Husker volleyball game, games, and some work party antics. Couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas party.

Another great memory would be when Brent, our CEO, would take the interns out for food, drinks and conversation. There’s a stigma in most companies that a CEO is unapproachable, however that was not the case at BCom. Brent taking the time to get to know us interns outside of work proved to me, early on, that BCom truly cared about their employees.


One of my favorite memories would be what we dubbed “Secret Week” in the summer during my second month at BCom. This was a week over the summer where only a few of us were in the office and we all worked together in the conference room which led to some bonding moments where I started to know my coworkers on a more personal level.

Also, after my first week at BCom, the team decided to take me to get a drink at The Tavern which at first I was quite intimidated because I’ve never gotten drinks with peers from my place of work but it led to some funny moments and a memorable time.

Where are you headed next?


Working at BCom affected my career plans by solidifying my plan to work at an agency in a fast-paced field. Before BCom, I had internships at startups and small nonprofit organizations but never at a digital marketing agency and it changed me for the better.

One of the best ways that BCom affected my career plans was it helped me understand internal marketing. It actually led me to getting my job this summer at Flywheel. I have a full-time, paid marketing internship for the summer and it was my top choice for a job. I can honestly say that because of what I was taught at BCom, I would have never been given the job this summer. I am truly blessed to have met Brent and applied at BCom.


To be determined! I’m currently between offers for a post-graduate internship in Omaha.

Why would you recommend BCom to students looking for an internship?


I would recommend BCom because it’s a place where you are treated like an adult and a professional. You aren’t even called an intern, you are called a Digital Associate. If a student is looking to work in a fast-paced industry where they have the opportunity to learn more than one discipline, be challenged and take on new skills, I recommend BCom.


BCom solutions provided me with professional experience and skills that I will be able to leverage in my future for attaining new opportunities immediately after graduation. I highly recommend students to join the BCom team because working here will open new doors for you and will allow you to make great connections that will be useful for you. Not to mention the skills and experience that you acquire while being a digital associate here. FYI, BCom provides school credit for full-time students, too!

What final message do you want to give the BCom team?


I’m leaving BCom with an abundance of knowledge, an understanding of how a digital marketing agency runs, and a passion to never stop learning. I’m also leaving with high expectations for future jobs to match the drive that I’ve been able to create and build on, to curate the friendships and relationships that I’ve been able to, and the help for me to grow as a professional and as a person.

A million thank-yous wouldn’t be enough to thank the team for all that they’ve taught me, but I’m sure it will have to do.


Thank you to every single one of you for being an excellent team and group of people. My time at BCom is probably one of the most memorable experiences I will take from my time as a college student at UNL. Being given the opportunity to work with such a wonderful and smart group of people is something I did not take for granted. I never anticipated working on such meaningful and important clients when I first started working here. Seeing this company slowly grow more and more is awesome. I have made some lifelong friends in my opinion and some exceptional connections that I will remain in contact with after my time at BCom.

I thank every single one of you and this organization for welcoming me into this team and helping me grow as an employee, student, and person. I have learned so much at BCom and I am forever grateful for this organization and only wish all of you prosperity and further success. BCom has a bright future ahead of it, I hope our paths cross again down the line. My journey as a digital associate has come to an end.