Neal Mattox

Neal left his agronomy career and joined the BCom team during Summer 2015 to build awesome websites for a growing list of clients. Neal does most of his work remotely from Lincoln, Nebraska where he lives with his wife, Lizzie. (PS he helped her build this adorable blog to stay in touch with her best friend!)

Even though the office staff at 919 Central Avenue doesn’t receive the pleasure of seeing Neal’s shining face every morning, Kendall and Rachel can rest assured that their daily off­ topic GIF messages are keeping him on his toes.

When Neal isn’t coding or WordPressing or sipping coffee at his second ­floor desk on 14th Street, he’s probably catching a few reruns of Parks and Rec or planning an adventure with Lizzie. Like the time they explored Table Mountain last year in Africa:

Want to be Neal’s friend? The only thing that really annoys him is Papyrus, so the odds are probably in your favor.