Some Heroes Build Limbs

A Client Spotlight

We like to say we’re passionate about developing great digital, but the truth is, it’s more than that. Our passion is leveraging our abilities to serve partners who are changing the world.

Because we know some heroes don’t wear capes. Some heroes build limbs.

There are close to two million amputees in the United States who struggle every day with rigid, uncomfortable prosthetic attachments. In developing nations around the world, there are an estimated 30 million amputees who don’t have access to prosthetics at all.

Martin Bionics founder Jay Martin was collaborating with NASA to develop spacesuits when he discovered the counterintuitive approach to building prosthetics that transformed his company.

The Most Comfortable Socket on Earth

Today, his new approach to prosthetic technology, the Socket-less Socket™, has been hailed the most comfortable socket on planet Earth.

In fact, TIME magazine named the Socket-less Socket™ among the best 100 inventions of 2020. According to TIME, a traditional prosthetic socket typically needs to be adjusted within an hour, while the Socket-less Socket™ remains comfortable for more than three.

As Bruce Wayne once said, it’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.

And Martin Bionics is doing more than inventing life-changing technology. This company is on a mission to ensure that no human must suffer from uncomfortable prosthetic attachments — or worse yet, no access to prosthetic technology at all.

To Infinity and Beyond

Here in the United States, the Socket-less Socket™ (covered by Medicaid and most insurance carriers) is available to amputees for the same cost as replacing a traditional plastic socket.

Martin Bionics has also taken unprecedented measures to expand accessibility in developing nations.

First, the company engineered a low-cost, high-comfort socket design that can be assembled using basic hand tools.

Then, they took this endeavor one comfortable Socket-less Socket-clad step further. They developed a revolutionary app that allows users around the world to fit themselves for socket technology without formal prosthetist training.

What an incredible approach to innovation. Happy National Superhero Day, America.

This is a story about why we do what we do: Because every single person who could benefit from this technology deserves to know that Martin Bionics is standing by — ready to transform lives.

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