Ensuring the Success of Rural Healthcare

Rural healthcare practices are all in, all the time. They consistently give first-class care to the families and patients who count on them. BCom Solutions has partnered with rural health clients because it is critical we ensure rural communities have long-term vitality in the future.

Why Does Rural Health Need Digital?

Nothing is more tightly knit than a rural community. Everyone knows everyone, which can be a blessing and a curse. Regardless of the fact, the pulse of rural communities lies in communication. So shouldn’t rural health practices be apart of the conversation?

When rural health practices have a voice in the community, two things happen: organizations and physicians can specialize their practices to fit the needs of the community and in return, community members can trust their local health practices with their needs. The best way to give these organizations a voice is through the digital sphere. The Community Health Partnership of Nemaha County (CHP) project shows this idea in action. CHP was formerly known as the NADAA (Nemaha Against Drugs and Alcohol) Coalition. They came to BCom Solutions looking for a new brand identity.

Through research and a community assessment, BCom Solutions created a new name and logo that better encompassed the communities expectations. CHP’s new website increased involvement and awareness of the organization. In addition, CHP’s voice was given new life. We helped them use Facebook to announce their new brand and Twitter and Instagram to engage with their younger audiences.

What Does Digital Do For Rural Health?

The biggest problems facing rural health care is a shortage of workforce members. According to the National Rural Health Association, for every 100,000 rural residents there are only 39.8 physicians. This uneven balance has an impact on the health of the general population. So, how does digital help solve this problem? Take the work BCom Solutions did for Nemaha County Hospital as an example. NCH wanted to incorporate a modern design into its website so patients, job applicants, and loved ones could navigate the site easily. Our team enhanced their online application to make applying for positions effortless.

One of the commonly overlooked challenges rural health faces is nutrition. Obesity rates are steadily climbing in Nebraska. Since 2010 there has been a five percent increase in obesity rates among Nebraskans. One of our partners working to slow that number down is the Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (NAND). BCom Solutions helped NAND accomplish its goal of making their resources more available to Nebraskans by creating a new website and logo. With their new website, registered dietitians are able to pay for job postings on the site. Nebraskans in need of nutrition health now have a hub to find the best dietitian for their needs. The logo reflects who NAND is helping – Nebraskans. However, NAND’s mission, vision, and values still align with its parent, national organization.

While entrepreneurship, technology, and advancements in digital are all important to rural communities, no one can inhabit an area without proper healthcare. Rural health practices give communities a sense of trust. They can trust care will be made to best fit their needs and their voices are heard.

BCom Solutions and rural healthcare go hand in hand. We personalize our tactics to fit the needs of our clients. The bold, authentic, all-in care you get from a small town doctor, is the same commitment our team puts into its clients.