Rural Digital Partnership Program

BCom’s national success is built on the success of our early years in the small-town USA community of Auburn, Nebraska. Nationally, we’ve grown in new spaces without forgetting our roots in rural America.

As we continue to do so, we know that our digital expertise and love for rural America is unlike any other digital marketing agency in the country. Much of this is based on relationships that we’ve built with our rural customers. And, we know that there’s no better digital advocate for a community than someone who is local.

The BCom Rural Digital Partnership hiring initiative is designed to match our digital expertise with a passionate, tech-savvy local who wants to bridge the digital divide in their community.

We are launching a bold new initiative to hire local digital marketing specialists in key rural communities across the country that fit our values and passion for rural America.

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Rural communities across America still face a significant
digital divide. From schools to businesses, many rural organizations
are being left behind.

Here's what we're going to do:

Provide key rural communities nationwide with the digital marketing services and resources that BCom has mastered in our decade of existence.

Establish or stabilize tech-focused, remote jobs in rural communities by hiring at least one digital marketing specialist in each selected community to manage relationships and provide ground-level digital marketing strategy and support

Expand talent pipelines for digital marketing / tech careers in rural communities across the country through full-time and internship programs in rural America

  • Strategic investment directly into rural community selected
  • Additional job opportunities and internship opportunities for community (at least one full-time position)
  • Access to a digital specialist that knows and cares about the community who is selected based on their connectivity within the community
  • Ability to bridge rural-urban divide challenges
  • 2% of annual, top-line revenue given back to community
  • Expanded digital literacy and sophistication community initiatives lead by local digital specialist
  • Above living wage, full-time job with benefits (average salaries range between $40 and $55k annually)
  • Flexible schedule, PTO and a proven remote-work experience that maximizes productivity
  • Ability to grow with a larger start-up without leaving community (you’ll be a full-time member of our team)
  • Additional training & resources from our management team, advisory board members and professional organizations
  • Opportunity to give back to local community in a way that grows the economy and the digital sophistication of rural America
  • Serve as local digital marketing expert in community – or communities participating in initiative. 
  • Build sales opportunity pipeline to fulfill annual program revenue commitments
  • Execute local small business social media strategies, digital marketing campaigns
  • Provide community with digital training programs that expand BCom network and customer base
  • Liaison between our HQ tech team for advanced partnerships like website design, advanced multimedia, etc
Community interest sign-up

We are seeking key, beta communities to launch in 2020.