Vaca Cove

An oasis with just as many amenities as the large resorts, but the personalized feel of home.

Vaca Cove, a complex of vacation rental homes nestled in the Florida Keys, came to BCom with the hopes of building a website to share their little piece of paradise. The website needed to be visually rich, while also having a platform that makes booking reservations simple.

Branding & Logo Design

Our first step was to build an identity for Vaca Cove through a new logo. It seemed appropriate to build their brand around the themes of Florida Keys and beaches. We wanted to include the Vaca Cove touch, so we incorporated the color scheme from the houses at Vaca Cove.

Website Design

Booking a reservation at Vaca Cove needed to be stress free — the way any vacation should be! With that in mind, we worked to create a website that provided as much information as possible, but also looked clean, crisp and stunning.

We added a blog to highlight that Vaca Cove is a private, family-owned business. The blog gives visitors first-hand accounts of the area’s many attractions.