Tammy Ward for City Council

Tammy Ward came to us as a candidate for the Lincoln City Council. She had spent the majority of her successful three-decade career making people’s lives better through public service. She is a determined negotiator and liaison, whose experiences lies in working for and with public officials, constituents, neighborhoods, and communities on the local, state, and federal government level. Tammy was determined to make a difference in the Lincoln community. Our main objective in this campaign was to increase general awareness and name recognition among City Council District 4.

City Council Election Night - Tammy Ward Speaking
Tammy Ward for City Council website mock up on computer


The first order of business for Tammy was creating a cohesive website that showed who she is and the issues that mattered most to her. Something that was unique for Tammy was her long list of endorsements she acquired over the course of her candidacy. We decided this aspect needed to be highlighted on her website in its own section.

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Tammy Ward for City Council Branding


Along with a website, we created content for the campaign. The emails served as reminders for constituents about upcoming fundraising events, as well as bringing awareness to election day countdowns. Tammy had a strong network, even at the beginning of her candidacy, so we wanted to encourage her followers to share why they were voting for Tammy to further build her reach. As the months went by, Tammy received more and more endorsements that we decided to capitalize on. We continued to share these endorsements with her social network throughout her candidacy.

Tammy Ward for City Council iPad Mock up - Endorsements
Tammy Ward for City Council iPhone Mock up - Email
Tammy Ward for City Council Snapchat Mock up on iPhone

Paid Media 

Paid media played an important role in Tammy’s campaign. Our target audience included eligible voters within District 4. We used a mixture of Facebook and Snapchat ads to reach those living in our target area. Our ads ranged from promoting email acquisition, event promotion, increasing name recognition for Tammy, as well as increasing overall awareness of the primary and general elections. This campaign has received over 267,000 impressions, reached nearly 25,000 people, and received 1,766 post engagements.

Tammy’s campaign hosted several events all over Lincoln from weekly phone banking to networking with young professionals. We promoted these events by creating Facebook events for each one and sharing with her network and for a few, we ended up boosting them.


Tammy’s reputation as a public servant in the community laid the groundwork for BCom to digitally strategize for her campaign. We were overjoyed to see her succeed in both the primary and May 7, 2019 general election.