Pennsylvania HDCC

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus Committee (HDCC) represents 203 districts in Pennsylvania — making it one of the largest in the country. The Pennsylvania House Democrats were in the minority in the statehouse for ten years when we forged our partnership with them.

This was a group in great need of structure, energy and — most of all — an effective strategy to build a robust, ROI-driven email program.

Email Acquisition → Fundraising

Following the referral of our friends at the DLCC, Our team came on the scene with the 2020 primary election just a few months out. To translate the HDCC’s strategic vision into short-term objectives and actions, we had to work rapidly.

Without delay, we demonstrated how to build and operate an effective email program in partnership with the wonderful team at HDCC.

First, we needed to build their email list size substantially. Our content strategy team built out a library of email templates, helping Pennsylvania HDCC zero in on key audiences to strengthen grassroots support among Democrats across the state. While this was taking place, our team of strategists were creating robust acquisition agreements that allowed HDCC to partner with leading members of the House Democratic Caucus, as well as organizations like Kennedy Dems and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party

We used a mostly-organic/partnership style list strategy, combined with hyper-targeted purchased lists. In total, this strategy grew the list by 480%! This translated into an active fundraising mechanism for the campaign committee in just one election cycle. 

Change the Narrative

By growing the Pennsylvania HDCC’s email list and significantly increasing the group’s email open rates, we’ve flipped the script on the long-thought belief that both “down-ballot” campaigns, as well as caucus organizations can’t have actively engaged email programs, increasing the campaign committee’s efficiency and influence.

If your party, caucus or campaign is looking for truly authentic digital growth, we would love to help scale your online platforms as we did in partnership with our friends in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.