Panhandle Partnership

For the past fourteen years, PPHHS has served as a catalyst for collaboration in the development of creative opportunities for enhancing sustaining family and community life in Western Nebraska.

PPHHS does not provide services. Rather it brings people from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and sectors together to assess, plan, implement and evaluate systems, policies, practices, and programs which strengthen communities and increase protective factors for families, children, youth, families, and seniors.

Prior to partnering with BCom Solutions, Panhandle Partnership lacked a true branded presence online. The design of their website was cluttered and hard to navigate.

Website Design

Panhandle Partnership now has a new custom designed website to market to all their customers. Keeping everyone collaborating in the panhandle is very important, which is why we felt that their events needed to be front and center on their site. Check out their site to see their next upcoming event!


The previous branding for Panhandle Partnership was an image of a windmill with a blue sky and puffy clouds. We loved the windmill concept but we wanted to take it a step further. We felt the logo needed to incorporate solar and traditional windmills, since these are normally seen in the panhandle of Nebraska. We also shortened the name down to Panhandle Partnership and added the slogan below.

Click here to view the Brand Guide


Panhandle Partnership’s brand has come a long way since we first connected. They now have a clean new website and a sharp logo to show off. Now they can continue to build collaborations among agencies and improve the quality of life in the Panhandle of Nebraska.