NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association

Project Summary

The Challenge

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association needed a website to house their digital advocacy campaign, Build Broadband With Us. The non-profit wanted a digital hub where rural broadband providers and supporters could come together under one umbrella as digital advocates for equal broadband access for all. They also needed a clever, attention-grabbing way to entice members to join their cause by sharing what broadband meant to them.

The Solution

With the beginning of the Build Broadband With Us campaign already taking root, our team’s goal was to build an overarching digital strategy that would spread the campaign’s messaging and help deliver results by encouraging member participation.

Social Media Strategy

When building our strategy our first task was to use the power of social to provide an incentive to become a digital advocate by offering free social media kits to those who shared their story. This meant creating unique content for a social kit, as well as building a website primed to house large amounts of information.

NationBuilder Website

Using the NationBuilder platform, our development team built a website with simple forms on each page encouraging visitors to sign-up and share their story. The NationBuilder platform helped us collect names and email addresses to ensure the NTCA team would have access to all of the data and tools necessary to achieve their goals. In turn, our design team crafted branded images from users’ stories and incorporated them back into our strategy for social.

By creating a unique strategy for each facet of the project, our team crafted a holistic strategy with individual parts from start to finish. We look forward to learning more about the impact of broadband in rural communities.