NRC Health

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, NRC Health, a premier health care data company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, donated $100,000 to the Lincoln Community Foundation. 

This generous gift was intended to recognize and thank Mayor Gaylor Baird for her leadership throughout the unprecedented challenges of 2020. 

But the tribute didn’t end there. NRC’s donation was matched by the Harbor of Dreams Foundation, making the total gift $200,000.

To unveil these monetary contributions, NRC Health partnered with the BCom team to script and shoot a video that aired on local television stations, digital platforms, internet streaming services throughout the Lincoln area.

Video Campaign: “Let’s Go Together”

“If you want to go fast — go alone. If you want to go far — go together.”

Our content team wrote a 30-second video spot entitled “Let’s go Together” to help NRC honor the city’s leadership and announce the company’s monetary gift to the Lincoln Community Foundation. 

The video campaign was designed to highlight ways the Lincoln community is sticking together — while remaining a safe distance apart. 

This campaign rolled out in a rapid fashion — airing on television just weeks after we proposed a script. 

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BCom Solutions is committed to doing everything we can to contribute to a safe, healthy Lincoln community. It was our privilege to partner with the NRC Health team to roll out this important message.