Nebraskans for the Arts

Nebraskans for the Arts (NFTA) is the Cornhusker State’s arts advocacy organization. NFTA works with policy makers, elected officials and community leaders on behalf of artists and art organizations.


We partnered with NFTA to build a new and customized online space showcasing their advocacy and programming opportunities. 

Deviating from traditional clean edges and modern imagery, our design team used paint brush strokes, rounded corners and pops of color to give the NFTA website a more creative feel. 

Complementing its artistic aesthetic, the new website boasts a clean, responsive design allowing users to easily join the organization, take action and access NFTA resources. We integrated the website with new advocacy tools, such as ActionNetwork — and the website also features a prominent “donate” button, making financial transactions seamless and easy.

This website project culminated in a high-quality partnership that allows NFTA to expand their online presence along with their growing organization.

View the website here →

At BCom Solutions, we love partnering with nonprofits to help create a greater impact. Our partnership with NFTA is no exception. As creative humans, our team understands and appreciates NFTA’s cause. 

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