Nebraska Democratic Party

It’s pretty hard to disseminate information and unite activists without a central hub for information, content and resources. The Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) needed a new online home, and we were happy to build it for them.

New Website

NDP’s new website allows them to to store and distribute resources, sell merchandise and endorse candidates! It houses resources like the voter registration portal and tips on how to testify before a legislative committee. Finally, the site also allows citizens to take action by donating, volunteering and more. 

This website is clean and user-friendly – and most importantly, it seamlessly transitions for mobile use on the go.

Morrison Exon Fundraiser

The BCom Team covered the 2019 Morrison Exon Fundraiser at the Hilton in Omaha. This event was headlined by an address from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as other state-level speakers. Throughout the evening, a list of standout volunteers were awarded for their dedication and work within the party. Leading up to the big night, we collaborated with the Nebraska Democratic Party to put together short videos featuring each award-winner. The videos were played during the event and promoted on social media. Finally, our photography team remained on the front lines during the fundraiser, capturing the event from start to finish.