Nebraska Corn Board

We are honored to be the Nebraska Corn Board’s agency of record. We recently took the Nebraska Corn’s “CornsTalk Newsletter,” normally published three times yearly and distributed in every Nebraska newspaper, to a new level of content distribution with the CornsTalk website.

Content Creation

As Nebraskans, we take corn very seriously – and as digital marketing professionals, we don’t waste time developing substantive content for the Nebraska Corn Board’s multiple audiences. We record each interview to generate print articles, online stories, videos and social posts. With each new topic, we work to identify ways to connect with consumers who aren’t familiar with the agriculture industry.

Photography + Videography

Photos and videos are one of the best ways to capture attention online. Whenever we tell a story about corn, we look for as many ways as possible to repurpose that information into various multimedia packages.

Print + Web Design

We’ve heard that “print is dead.” While we don’t believe that’s true, we do know that print is an expensive medium that is not necessarily the right choice for every audience. 

Our digital strategy flips the script for Nebraska Corn Board. Instead of writing a few articles for a costly print publication each year, we use our billable time to produce as much substantive online content as possible. Our content strategy team uses social media analytics and web traffic to measure the success of CornsTalk content and build the print publication accordingly. 

BCom’s vision for the “CornsTalk Newsletter” has been to transform it from a newspaper insert to a data-driven digital content hub. 

The BCom design team produces a variety of other unique advertising strategies such as truckside Unleaded 88 ethanol promotions.

Digital Ads

After our content is live online, our design and paid media teams unite to build ads that will boost website traffic with multiple audiences in mind. Our advertisements cross all the major social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat.

We love learning more about an industry that is so important for our state – and digging into the science that matters to both farmers and consumers. Most of all, we love bringing our digital-first perspective to the table in a partnership with this unique state agency!