Leirion for Lincoln Mayor

Leirion Gaylor Baird decided to run for mayor after serving on the Lincoln City Council for two terms. Her past experience, commitment to smart, sustainable urban growth that promotes economic opportunity and enhances our health, safety, and quality of life aided in securing her spot as the new mayor of Lincoln.

Leirion for Lincoln Election Night Speech
Leirion Website Homepage Mock Up

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy with the Leirion campaign was two-fold. We designed a website that was easy to navigate and cohesive with her brand that she had already established.

On her website, we included a section about her, her priorities, and recent news articles written about or related to her.

Vote General Election

Design and Messaging

We also crafted social graphics, ads, and various printed media items using Leirion’s pre-established logo. Our work mirrored the same color palette and fonts in order to stay consistent with the campaigns established brand guide. 


Leirion stood out against her competitor and took home the win as Lincoln’s mayor on May 7, 2019.

Tea with Leirion postcard