Jan Hartl for Wilson County Treasurer

Jan Hartl successfully ran for re-election for County Treasurer in Wilson County Texas in March 2018.

Jan Hartl has served as the Wilson County Treasurer for the past 12 years, and came to BCom seeking help with her re-election campaign. Our task was to reach as many voters through digital ads as possible in a matter of weeks, enhancing Jan’s brand awareness.


We designed and created graphics and a postcard to help Jan get out the vote and spread her campaign’s vision.

We also kept Jan’s social platforms up-to-date with graphics and photos.

Digital Ads

Our team utilized Facebook Ads for the Hartl campaign to reach voters in Wilson County. These ads shared information about Jan’s campaign and success stories as County Treasurer for the past 12 years, as well as voting general awareness.


Jan was victorious in securing her seat as County Treasurer!