Fix Lincoln Streets

Lincoln is a growing city and its transportation system is key to economic development, public safety and quality of life. With growth comes the wear and tear of city streets, which desperately need fixing. Across the city, businesses and neighborhood leaders, Republicans and Democrats, and residents from different walks of life came together to support this historic opportunity to move the city forward toward a stronger future.

Fix Lincoln Streets Now was an initiative for people to vote FOR the immediate improvement of our streets and for authorizing the increase in city sales tax for the specified street improvement purposes. Our main objective for this campaign was to get Lincoln voters to vote in favor of a proposed ¼ cent tax increase used to fix Lincoln streets.


LNK Streets needed a website that served as an information center for curious voters to find more information and to get their questions answered. We created a homepage that seamlessly laid out the benefits of voting for fixing Lincoln’s streets. We also added an additional FAQ page where Lincoln citizens could get more extensive questions answered.


Along with their website, we crafted emails and social posts that went hand in hand in sharing information, promoting awareness, and sparking a fire under the voters of Lincoln. Most of the content included a strong call to action and maximized on the growing pothole epidemic and the damage to people’s cars due to the melting snow in the winter months.

Paid Media

The final piece to this strategy was paid media. Our target audience varied starting with all Lincoln voters, to targeting a voter list of registered Lincoln Democrats and likely supporters, to targeting a 5% lookalike audience to those who liked our Facebook page. We used Facebook ads to educate voters on the proposed bill and collecting supporters emails. Overall, we received over 1 million impressions, reached over 145,492 people, and received over 35,000 post engagements.


Ultimately, on April 9, Fix Lincoln Streets Now came out on top when the voters of Lincoln decided to approve the quarter-center increase of the sales tax over the next six years.