FBLA-PBL works to unite business and education while fostering leadership development and community service opportunities for students across the country.

Project Summary

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with BCom Solutions, FBLA-PBL lacked a true branded presence online. The design and structure of their website was dated and inadequate for the number of daily visitors it was required to support.

The Solution

Together, BCom Solutions and FBLA-PBL created a state-of-the-art new online headquarters built to support hundreds of thousands of daily visitors. The new site is optimized for mobile devices and includes a completely re-vamped competitive event module as well as crisply designed conference and event pages, all structured to ensure easy access and visual appeal.

Streamlined Management

The newly designed FBLA-PBL website is beautiful on the front-end and the backend. The content management system includes advanced user permissions, competitive event modules, and easy access to in-line content editing.

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The brand new FBLA-PBL website design allows members from every corner of the United States to become acquainted with their national leaders and stay informed about activities taking place beyond their local chapters.

Connect with FBLA-PBL

Partnering with BCom Solutions to construct a new online mainframe has given this powerful organization the opportunity to connect with students and advisers at each level. An upgraded hosting setup ensures that millions of visitors experience a high-speed connection to the resources they need.