Falls City Chamber of Commerce

The Falls City Chamber of Commerce is a locally driven organization committed to driving economic growth and development in the Falls City region. In an age of innovation and technology, the Falls City Chamber needed an accessible online presence to share information and material with the Falls City community and an original logo to identify their organization as being separate from the City of Falls City.

Before the Falls City partnered with BCom Solutions, they shared a logo with the City of Falls City and their website was not specific to their organization. What the Falls City Chamber of Commerce needed was an original brand identity and a proper web presence.

Logo Design

As an individual organization with no original web presence or logo, the Falls City Chamber of Commerce was on the brink of an impending identity crisis. The BCom Team entered just in time to ensure this organization developed its own sleek, professional brand identity.


Responsive Design

For Falls City residents, it’s crucial that their Chamber of Commerce website be accessible and clean on all of the devices in their home. The BCom Team ensured this by optimizing this site for multiple screen sizes.

A Tangible Identity

The very fiber of an organization is its identity. A Chamber of Commerce with no identity is difficult for communities to recognize and use. By helping the Falls City Chamber construct an online presence with a strong organizational identity, the BCom Team managed to help sustain a significant network of local economic growth and development.