Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative

Aging facilities and budget constraints have become two of many common obstacles for the centers.

In 2019, leaders from all five cultural centers, along with other community partners, united to envision a single new campus with space and resources to meet the community’s collective needs. This initiative would allow the centers to pool resources and continue serving their unique audiences — all while slashing overhead costs and avoiding competition with one another for much-needed funding.

That’s the big picture. Completing this vision will span a five-year timeline, allowing for months of planning, fundraising, construction and eventually…opening.

Zoom in: This historic partnership needed an identity. It was our privilege to work with The Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative on: 

  • Branding and visuals to capture the essence of this unique collective. 
  • Website design to communicate the collaborative’s mission and goals.
  • Video production that will serve as a key resource for education and fundraising.

The Audience

Our primary audience included key investors and connections from across the Lincoln community. We needed to communicate the collaborative’s vision to individuals and organizations with similar values. 

Our Strategy

It was important for our deliverables to reflect the collaborative’s mission: promoting cultural empowerment through collaboration, education and advocacy. The branding and visuals that emerged are bold and colorful — matching the essence of this project. 

The website design transmits this positive energy, while explaining how the Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative came to exist. 

Five unique cultural centers, plus a list of key players from across the community, equals a complex, acronym-heavy explanation. We needed to ensure the website presented a clear, accurate story — while somehow avoiding dense nonprofit jargon. The website communicates the collaborative’s shared mission, showcases its five autonomous organizations and depicts a clear five-year timeline. 

When our partnership with the collaborative began, a consolidated campus hosting five of Lincoln’s most well-known cultural centers was a brand new concept. The collaborative’s leaders required a visual aid to help explain the idea to prospective partners and inspire buy-in. 

As deficiencies continued to mount at the individual cultural centers across Lincoln, we needed to show investors that one bold solution designed to serve everyone is better than slapping Band-Aid fixes across multiple crumbling organizations.

“Nobody can make it unless we all make it”

This single-minded proposition drove our video strategy. Featuring leaders from all five original cultural centers, the video was scripted to highlight the centers’ shared realities.

The Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative aims to be completed and serving youth by spring 2025. It was a privilege to equip this task force of visionaries with the digital tools they needed to get started and reach the finish line. 

This is an ongoing initiative. To learn more and get involved,


The Cultural Centers of Lincoln Collaborative represents five unique cultural centers from across Lincoln, Nebraska. The logo is a representation of the five centers and how they unite to serve their unique audiences.