Brodstone Memorial Hospital

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is an award-winning health care provider located in Superior, Nebraska. Serving more than a dozen communities in Nebraska and Kansas, Brodstone prides itself in offering “superior care close to home” since 1928. 

Despite its cutting edge care facilities, the hospital’s digital presence was beginning to show its age. That’s where we came in.


Building websites in the health care space can be a massive undertaking, but our digital team was all in to give Brodstone the superior online identity it deserves.

Brodstone’s new WordPress-based website boasts a clean and user-friendly design, allowing patients quick and easy access to important documents and bill pay options. The website also allows administration to showcase press and community involvement and organize a busy event calendar. 

Finally, recruiting qualified staff in rural America isn’t always easy. Having an accessible, mobile-responsive website will help make Brodstone’s hiring process just a little bit smoother!

Video Campaign: The Middle of Everywhere

Brodstone needed a video campaign to energize donors and community members at its annual gala. Our goal was to showcase Brodstone’s rural identity by highlighting all of the communities within Nuckolls County, Nebraska. 

We named the campaign “The Middle of Everywhere.”

Turning this project around inside a one-month window required swift scripting, collaborative brainstorming and high-caliber project management. We partnered with Creative Olsen to film all the b-roll in one day – and turned the final edited video just over a week later.

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Partnering with Brodstone Memorial Hospital was so much more than billable hours for our rural-rooted digital team. This project was about representing middle-American spirit and providing this rural health care hub the digital resources to help it thrive.