Down-ballot Candidate

Begley for MUD Board

Awareness of role, awareness of the campaign, put him in front of people.

Jim Begley is a committed public servant who came to BCom looking for help with his re-election campaign to the Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District [MUD] board.




During his first term as a member of the MUD board, Jim worked hard to make MUD a more transparent and efficient organization for the customer-owners. Though Jim is extremely humble and would never say so himself, we’re happy to say it’s clear he made a difference during his first term — something constituents needed to know as he ran for his second.

Design and Messaging

Throughout the tenure of his campaign, we strived to put Jim and his accomplishments front and center with a general awareness campaign. Our team created ads that touted Jim’s record and linked to his website, in addition to regular email updates that explained his platform. We also made sure his Irish-green graphics reflected the seriousness in which Jim takes his elected position while presenting him as a polished, yet fun-loving, guy.


Originally running unopposed, another MUD board member ran for Jim’s seat midway through the campaign. Ultimately, Jim’s hard work paid off and on November 6, 2018, he was elected to his second term on the MUD board.