Auburn Agency Crop Insurance

Auburn Agency Crop is a national specialty crop insurance agency headquartered in Auburn, Nebraska — serving more than 1,800 farmers across Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Arkansas, Illinois and Indiana. 

Farming is — well — unpredictable. Auburn Agency Crop helps crop producers deploy data and invest in strategic safeguards to protect their farms from the many uncontrollable possibilities of the ag industry.

Website Design

BCom’s relationship with Auburn Agency Crop goes back to our days as a startup digital agency. In 2015, we partnered with Auburn Agency Crop to design a new website. More than five years later, that website was due for an upgrade.

The abundance of jargon-heavy information available on the old website proved confusing for users to navigate. This was the single challenge that took priority for our web design team: 

Streamlining the website’s wealth of resources into a clean, accessible tool for farmers. 

The new website not only outlines the company’s insurance services, it also showcases Auburn Agency’s involvement in the community. 

View Website Here

Video Production

Taking a step beyond web design and photos, we teamed up with Auburn Agency Crop to produce a video series breaking down the most important information producers should know about the company’s services.

This ongoing series is perfect for every farmer wondering what “ECO” stands for — or why crop insurance agents take an interest in precision ag decisions.

We’re proud to partner with our friends and neighbors at Auburn Agency Crop to produce great digital content — and to ensure farmers across eight states have better access to services and information that protects their livelihoods.