Anna Wishart for State Legislature

In 2016 Anna Wishart ran for Legislature in Nebraska’s 27th district. Her campaign’s energy was evident not just to the BCom Team, but to the constituents she hoped to win over.

Anna’s team had immense energy and drive. The traditional campaign strategies she was using were absolutely flawless. All Team Wishart needed was a digital strategy to blow the 27th Legislative District race out of the water.

Anna Wishart Portfolio grid image

When Anna and her team started out, their campaign strategy focused on using traditional campaign techniques rather than taking advantage of social media and other digital marketing opportunities. With the help of the BCom team, however, their digital traffic was soon surging and the campaign became a truly well-rounded powerhouse.

The BCom team also made use of targeted email marketing campaigns to promote Anna’s message. This came in especially handy when fundraising and turning out her voters for the November 8 election.

Partnering with Anna Wishart and her team was a blast. Her landslide campaign victory in District 27 proved that a consistent presence both physically and digitally truly does win the vote. We look forward seeing her proven skills and passion help build a brighter future for Lincoln and Nebraska.