2020 Legislative Campaigns

2020 was a pivotal year for American politics. In addition to various other local, state and federal races, our team was proud to partner with seven candidates running for Nebraska Legislature. 

From websites to email fundraising to digital ads and social content, BCom Solutions is the digital expert to which every grassroots campaign deserves access. 

Branding + Design

First things first: Every campaign needs a logo.

Font. Color. Size and shape. The logos we designed for our 2020 Nebraska legislative campaigns capture and display the spirit of each individual candidate we worked with.

But that’s just the beginning. BCom’s world-class design team ensures our candidates have unique, campaign-branded graphics for every event, holiday and social media campaign from kickoff to Election Day.


A candidate’s website is a virtual HQ for communicating with voters. 

Signing up for email updates and volunteer opportunities, as well as making financial contributions should be a seamless process the visitor doesn’t have to think about! Each of our legislative campaign websites include a clean, mobile-responsive design. 

When we launch a new campaign website, it often starts out as a simple splash page with all the basic information a voter should know; however, as we help candidates gain momentum, there is plenty of room to grow. 

By Election Day, we’ve typically customized the website to include action materials, promotional videos, endorsements, letters to the editor, news releases and more.

Photography + Videography

Our media team is available to provide fresh headshots and a collection of candid photos to enhance a candidate’s website and social content. We also produce video campaigns that stream across online platforms and even local television.

For example, leading up to the 2020 primary election, we added new energy to the Helen Raikes for Legislature campaign with a photoshoot in her hometown and a video outlining her plans for District 23.

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Paid Media

Wiping out the ability to knock on doors or meet with constituents one-on-one, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 rendered digital advertising more important than ever. 

After all, display ads are a little like virtual yard signs.

Our team designs custom ad strategies to meet specific fundraising goals and turn out voters in the final stretch leading up to Election Day. From social media to television to Google to online news sites, our team works with each candidate to formulate the most effective paid media strategy for the voters in his or her district.

Content Strategy

No matter a campaign’s party alignment, values or platform objectives, content is key. 

That’s why our content strategists work closely with each legislative candidate to craft a messaging guide that helps us tailor custom content throughout the entire race. We build basic monthly content calendars that help keep each candidate’s social channels active and thriving. 

In 2020, our content strategy team raised tens of thousands of dollars for our legislative candidates through targeted email fundraising. 

In fact, we teamed up with District 1 candidate Janet Palmtag to raise more money than any other Republican challenger in Nebraska.

But fundraising isn’t our only priority. Our digital content strategies also helped District 25 candidate Brodey Weber improve his performance in the polls by 20 points between the primary and general elections.