Principles Before Party: Our Non-Partisan Approach to Digital Campaigns

At BCom Solutions, our expertise ranges from politics and advocacy groups to nonprofits and small businesses.

We pride ourselves on living our values every day and guiding our business with the same principle — regardless of where someone falls on the political spectrum. We have worked with a wide variety of candidates, from a rural Texas Republican to a young Omaha Democrat. How we select our candidates is unique in this politically divisive time: We meet with, research and study each candidate and their backgrounds. We evaluate who they support. We look at their values for rural America and young people in our country – two things very important to our team’s history.

And, how we craft their strategies is individualized to each candidate, but the goal remains the same: act with integrity.

Jan Hartl for Wilson County Treasurer

Jan Hartl, a Republican incumbent, successfully ran for re-election as County Treasurer in Wilson County Texas in March 2018. Jan has served as the Wilson County Treasurer for the past 12 years and came to BCom seeking help with her re-election campaign. Our task was to reach as many voters through digital ads as possible in a short period, enhancing Jan’s brand awareness and reaching rural constituents.  

We worked with Jan because we knew how important her role of county treasurer was after serving for more than a decade. Jan was a straightforward woman who cared about the people of her county and fiscal responsibility. We were proud to support Jan because of her focus and drive to focus on her accomplishments, not the weaknesses of her opponent.

Dave Dodson for U.S. Senate

Dave Dodson ran as a candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2018 primary election. We worked closely with the Dodson Team from April to June 2018 to help them modify their brand, build a full campaign website, and deploy digital ad strategies and email campaigns.

Dave’s campaign appealed to us because we knew he was committed to making Wyoming better through principles and actions. Though initially an independent candidate, Dave ended up deciding to run in the Republican Primary against Incumbent John Barrasso. While he came up short on votes in the primary election, he ran a competitive campaign.

Heath Mello for Mayor

We recognized early on many of Heath’s supporters consisted of young, tech-savvy individuals who were willing to volunteer their time. We knew the best way these supporters could impact the campaign was by building a grassroots digital team. The goal of the group was to connect with constituents, share authentic branded content, and increase engagement online. We provided the digital team members with the toolkit they needed to engage social followers and provide education about Heath Mello’s campaign.

Heath’s advocates made for a perfect group of enthusiastic constituents because they were young, passionate, and motivated to make real change. We continued to utilize the Mello digital team as advocates and a source to get out the necessary information, such as volunteer opportunities and voting information.

The Mello for Mayor campaign was one of the first municipal races of its size that focused diligently on a digital-centric communication strategy, from emails to social media to texting. 

Patsy for Kids

When Patsy Koch Johns began her campaign for Nebraska State Board of Education, she knew one thing: she was going to stand for all kids, something that stretches beyond party lines. A caring and passionate teacher of 40 years, thousands of Patsy’s past students were an essential part of her grassroots organization. Our challenge was to take this large, diverse group of supporters and encourage them vote, donate, and get involved in Patsy’s campaign.

The Patsy for Kids campaign flourished on social media. Our team delivered a monthly editorial content calendar to ensure Patsy’s social media accounts never lacked consistent, informational posts. Through the use of detailed analytics and strategic ad buying, the BCom team also drove up traffic and circulated Patsy’s name and message throughout the District 1 web space.

Patsy’s ambition for helping kids crossed the aisle, as she gained votes from both republicans and democrats.

Our Goal

We work with people based on values, not the letter next to someone’s voter registration status. We take pride in representing candidates who hold themselves to the same standards they base their platforms around. If you’re looking for unbridled enthusiasm and committed client experience, you’ve come to the right place.