Presenting our Latest Innovative Solution: Creative Community Meeting Space

We love helping people bolster their businesses with gorgeous websites. We love patching up their computers. We love showing them how to operate iPads and ordering them new tech toys to play with. This summer, we’re proud to be promoting one of the new tools we have available for BCom patrons: our all-inclusive state of the art community meeting and conference space.

Many times – particularly in rural Nebraska – it can be difficult to find space for small groups to meet conveniently. BCom’s solution to this issue involves free Wi-Fi, table space, dry-erase boards, and presentation technology. Oh. And unlimited coffee. Perhaps we should have led with that. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these amenities for a sit-down meeting with a client, a brainstorming session with a group you’re a member of, or another reason we haven’t thought of, then we would be overjoyed to hear from you!

Truly. We love guests. Especially when they appreciate coffee and dry-erase boards. Call our office today and reserve a space to catalyze your creativity. 402.414.4290. Meeting-Space-1