Marketing with Social Media


Facebook  is the fastest-growing popular online platform for digital marketing. Basically, Facebook is the place to post a little bit of everything. From photos, videos, articles, events, and announcements, followers are sure to react to your postings.


Twitter, on the other hand, has a limit. A 140 character limit that is.. With that being said, Twitter is a great place to share what is happening now! It is instant communication with your followers and a great place to establish an interaction touch-point.

Google +

Google + is the go to professional information outlet. Whether it is an article from the Wall Street Journal or an excerpt from Forbes Magazine, Google + is the perfect posting portal.


Want to show off your productive staff? Post it on Instagram! Want to show off the winner of your company promotion? Put it on Instagram! Want to give a special shout-out to a loyal customer? Put it on Instagram! Show off your company culture and intrigue followers to stop by your office and experience for themselves what your company is all about.


Unlike the previous social media outlets, LinkedIn is for the individual professional. It is the perfect destination for your online resume or professional portfolio. We have entered the digital age, and now more than ever, companies are relying on LinkedIn to locate their new employees!

Have further questions about social media outlets and their connection to marketing? Stop by or call BCom Solutions and we would be happy to assist you!