Our new Lincoln location is in the heart of the Haymarket, where startups and innovation meet history and community. Our team loves being centrally located in a district that perfectly intersects our rural roots and commitment to innovation.

We frequently patronize the businesses around our office, like the Lincoln classic, The Mill. Our daily coffee runs help us refuel and energize so we can continue creating amazing work for our clients.

Supporting local businesses in the Haymarket is an important value to us. Many of our team members are from small rural towns so we understand how crucial it is to show small businesses some love.

We are at the center of Lincoln, Nebraska where every day we walk by new startups, companies that have been around for decades, bright and shiny college students, Nebraska travelers and everyone in between.

Whether it’s walking past busy students on their way to class, business people on their way to a meeting, or people in town visiting for a conference or a sports event, the people come and go but the culture stays the same. Life in the Haymarket is diverse, full of life, and no two days are the same.

One of the questions our CEO, Brent, is often asked when he travels is, “Why Nebraska?”

Our team would answer, why not?

BCom’s employees are diverse in where we come from, whether it’s a multicultural background, education, or growing up in a city of 100,000 or 107 people. Regardless of our differing backgrounds, we share the common goal of using our skills to guarantee our clients’ success so we’re all in all the time.

The Haymarket is the quintessential environment for a diverse group to come together to achieve our goals.

Our location in the Schwarz building is surrounded by construction, condominiums, and more businesses down the street. Our move to this new space is monumental because it’s a historic building with many stories — with our’s just beginning.

This year alone, we’ve moved and more than doubled our team size. We’ve created an internship program that is sustainable and becoming competitive with other startups in the Haymarket. We’ve worked with larger clients than ever before.

No matter where we go, you can count on BCom to be bold in what we do, in a way that builds authentic relationships with our clients.