Interface Web School + Flywheel Web Development Course

When I started reading into each of these topics, it seemed way WAY over my head but I still applied. The class involved driving to Omaha three nights a week for a three hour class, learning about coding, databases, and WordPress and, of course, eating lots of tropical starburst.

Some quick facts about Interface and Flywheel: Interface was designed to help eliminate the shortage of web development experts across the Midwest by hosting web development courses for all ages. Flywheel, their class-teaching partner-in-crime, was started in 2012 to improve the lives of millions of web designers and developers that build their sites on the WordPress platform. (**Shameless plug**) If you are looking for a managed host for your new WordPress site, go check out Flywheel.

Anyway, Josh Lawler, Flywheel’s Lead Happiness Engineer, was the instructor for the class. This was the first WordPress developer training class that Interface has held with Flywheel’s help. I’d say the 11 of us in the class were pretty awesome guinea pigs. Not going to lie, my mind was pretty blown by the time I left class some nights. Luckily, I had that hour drive to reflect back on everything we learned that evening.

The class started out with the basics, like how does the Internet even work? and how did it even get started? We learned a lot of fun acronyms like TCP, IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS and DOM. Now can you see how my mind was blown? Then we got into the fun stuff… coding HTML and CSS. For those of you that don’t know what that looks like, let me just show you:


Looks fun right? This is just the basics of how the website you are on right now was created. Pretty crazy. We went on to learn about CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, how WordPress works, PHP, MySQL, designing your own WordPress theme and finally launching a website. If this is something that sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more about, please check out for their next available class!

The best advice I could give anyone who is trying to become a WordPress developer? KNOW HOW TO USE GOOGLE. 🙂

BCom is bringing Interface Web School to Auburn, NE! There will be a Intro to HTML + CSS class held this Thursday evening. We are fully booked at the moment, but be on the lookout, because we may host another one again soon!