Creating Communities and Starting Conversations

The year 2020 has presented some unique challenges. No need to elaborate, right?

We’re talking about a year that took the word “unprecedented” and made it cliché. But I’m not here to unpack the many peculiarities and misfortunes of this mystifying year. 

I’m writing to tell you about a shift that occurred right in the middle of 2020. This movement began in the heart of the unanticipated — and I hope we carry it forward, even after we’ve put much of 2020’s destruction behind us. 

I’m writing to tell you about the incredible volunteer project that BCom got to be a part of this summer.

A few months ago, Lincoln City Councilwoman Sändra Washington approached BCom founder Brent Comstock about an idea she had for a city-wide initiative to help foster a community of racial equity.

That initiative is called “Together, One Lincoln.” 

In a season of division and polarity, Sändra wanted to remind Lincoln how important it is to come together and participate in conversations. Even uncomfortable conversations. Especially uncomfortable conversations.

Moreover, Sändra wanted to make sure Lincolnites have an online hub to visit if they’re unsure of how to start conversations about race and racial inequality. 

Over the next several weeks, members of our content, design and leadership teams united with a remarkable group of people who brought a variety of experiences and perspectives to the table.

The result? See for yourself: 

At BCom, we’re proud of being bold. We revel in remaining authentic. And most importantly, we are all in. All the time. 

In the midst of this bizarre, decade-long year we’re living through together, it’s important to our team that we stick together. We commit to engaging instead of turning away. To using our talents to make our community a better place.

We are proud of the part we played in launching the Together, One Lincoln initiative.