Digital Marketing & Communication Tips During the Pandemic

Communication is Changing – Don’t Get Left Behind

Things are changing. How do you stay open for business and maintain a presence without a place to be present? And how do we talk about all these changes without overdoing it? Never fear, we’re here to help.

Technology is your friend.

Tools like social media, email and text messages are the best and easiest ways to stay top-of-mind with customers and clients when you can’t be face-to-face. If you have email lists, numbers for texting customers, and permission to do so, use it. While these tools are useful all the time, they are even more important now. Learn more about the services we recommend and tools for digital distancing here.

Update your search listing on sites like Google and Facebook with any changes. Make sure these have updated contact information, hours of operation, web addresses, menus or any relevant info. Many people go online first to check on the status of your business. 

Employees are often your best ambassadors.

These are the folks who know your business best. Right now is an excellent time to designate a “communicator” – or someone who is ready and willing to keep an eye out for questions online, over the phone or in the community. You want this person (or team) to be able to speak to changes, provide answers, and should be technically proficient enough with various communication tools to respond quickly. 

Keep your employees and your communicators updated with any new information, and explain to them how you want them to respond to questions, concerns or feedback. If online and via phone call are the only ways you can be reached, make sure you have someone available to answer. 

Be mindful of your message and frequency.

We all agree that keeping your business top-of-mind is important. Just remember that the virus has been around for a while now and we all expect that, as an organization, you and your staff are doing your part to flatten the curve. Think about the messages you’ve received from businesses or organizations you support. What has been effective, what hasn’t? This tip is helpful at all times.

If you have updates that are more critical than sanitization, be sure to let your customers know. Have you partnered with an organization to give back to your community? Are you offering sales or discounts online? Do you have new curbside pick-up or delivery options? Have things changed with suppliers? Are you experiencing delays in shipping or limiting quantities purchases? Are you open, but with a change in hours? Or only available by phone, email or online? These are important questions that customers (new and old) will be asking. With restrictions changing in some areas, it will be important to keep everyone updated.

At the end of all this, customer service is still king. Consumers and stakeholders will remember those that stood strong with good humor and were able to adapt while supporting their customers, employees and communities. #allinthistogether