Brent Comstock is a nationally-recognized speaker for his energy, deep knowledge of rural communities, entrepreneurship, and digital strategy.

Featured speaking topics include:

Brent has served as an advisor, practitioner, and leader in using digital transformation as a vehicle for change in disconnected communities. These communities have included rural audiences in the Midwest to disconnected startups in the Baltic region of Europe. 
Brent’s messages are a combination of expertise, wit, and passion.
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  • NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association
  • Adobe eduMAX
  • Nebraska State Chamber
  • sTARTup Day – Tartu 2017
  • HOBY – Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
  • Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Nebraska Telecommunications Association
  • Midstates Economic Development Conference 
  • TEDxLincoln
  • Hiawatha Economic Development
  • Kansas Broadband Conference
  • Kenan-Flagler Business School Alumni Weekend
  • Glenallen Schools – Alaska
  • Copper Valley Telecom – Alaska
  • Healthy Under Pressure – Podcast
  • Rural Futures Institute – Interview
“Energy, insight, millennial perspective and out of the box thinking are all highlights of any presentation that Brent Comstock does. We have had Brent speak to various demographics within our membership and he is always spot-on in terms of sharing the right message to the right audience and has folks feeling “ready for action” when they walk out of the room.”

–Shirley Bloomfield, CEO at NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association

“It has been my pleasure to hear Brent speak to audiences both large and small on topics including entrepreneurship, innovation, rural economic vitality and building strong entrepreneurial eco-systems. He brings enthusiasm and deep understanding of his topics that energizes and informs his audiences. He is wise beyond his years and his life experiences bring a touchstone of reality leavened with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Brent for his keynote and workshop presentation skills.”

–Gregg Christensen, Education Specialist at Nebraska Department of Education Career

“I have had the opportunity to see Brent as a speaker and to work with him in a business setting, and he does a tremendous job. His natural ability to communicate with people, his talent for leadership and his insight to the future of entrepreneurship make him, and his company, an excellent partner.”

–Angela Schwerdtfeger, Director of Public Relations at TCT

“Brent Comstock is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His presentation at our Spring Conference & Annual Meeting on the growing pains of building his business from a young age was fun and fresh and the room was captivated. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

–Jamanda Wolfe, Member Service Administrator at Nebraska Telecommunications Association

“I have heard Brent Comstock speak at several national conferences and he has always been inspirational, entertaining, thought provoking and a pleasure to listen too. I find his message refreshing and I enjoy hearing the passion he has for rural communities and his insight on the benefits and opportunities they provide and the tendency we have to overlook these benefits. After attending one of his presentations at a NCTA event, I approached Brent and asked if he would come to Alaska and speak at our local graduations. We are a very rural, remote and unique. I felt his message would be extremely beneficial to the youth in our community who often are rushing to urban areas as soon as they graduate, although they are often leaving for college or job opportunities, it also seems like this is just what you are supposed to do. This is also a huge culture shock and they often don’t make a successful transition to living in a city and come back home, but feel as though it is a failure. Brent immediately agreed to come to rural Alaska and speak to our youth, even though he was just graduating from college three days prior to him needing to be onsite in Alaska.

Brent was the keynote speaker at two of our local graduations, at multiple all school assemblies for 6th-12th grade students and he spoke to all 64 of our employees at Copper Valley Telecom. I had the privilege of attending all of the events Brent spoke at during his visit, some were to small audiences of fifteen high school students and some were to several hundred people, including the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska. I had assumed he would have the same speech memorized or it would be pretty close to the same dialogue. I was incorrect and I found myself engaged, inspired and thoroughly enjoyed each time I heard Brent speak, it was not boring and it was not a repeat performance. Brent’s message remained the same but, I was blown away by his ability to format his message to fit his audience and his ease when talking with the various groups, he was not scripted, he is very authentic and genuine and this is very clear when listening to him present. He is a such a natural public speaker and such a natural “people person”, he has this uncanny ability to connect with people regardless if they are one of a hundred in an audience sitting in an auditorium or if he is speaking to you one on one. I am not sure how he does it so well, but he is an exceptional presenter. He doesn’t just get up and give a speech, he engages, interacts, provides humor, he connects with his audience and people are drawn to him. I have truly never witnessed anyone touch so many people’s lives and provide such a positive influence with each interaction. It was incredible to be part of this experience and witness lives being touched and changed due to his willing to share his advice, his passion, his message, his time and his testimonial. I highly recommend him as a speaker, I don’t think there is a venue that could not benefit from spending an hour with Brent. Our community is very lucky and thankful to have had him visit and share his message with us. I hope to have Brent back to work more in depth with our youth and various community organizations in the years to come.”

–Shilah Butler, Senior Manager at Affiliate Operations

“Brent not only displays a passion for rural issues and creating new entrepreneurial opportunities for small towns, but he also has a great grasp of modern marketing techniques, including digital and social methods, that carry well to any audience of marketing- or communications-minded people. Brent delivers his ideas and reflections with humor, wit and style, keeping his audiences engaged with visual cues that support his message and a quick joke to make his point. He isn’t afraid to poke fun at his youth and the unique view of the world he has had as a kid growing up in rural Nebraska who dreamed to make a positive mark on his small town and accomplished much more.”

–Laura Withers, Director of Communications at NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association

“I first saw Brent speak at a national telecommunications industry conference. It was an inspiring talk, so much so that we hired Brent to speak to our local high school students. We invited students from four area high schools to hear Brent’s unique message on how to be a successful entrepreneur, while also living in a rural community. Brent has a speaking ability that engages his audience in a fun, thoughtful and informative way. He connects well with both adult and youth audiences.”

–Brian J. Boisvert, CEO and General Manager at Wilson Communications

“Brent recently presented at a conference to several sites across our state via technology. We received many positive comments about his presentation on our evaluations. He is informative and we enjoyed his enthusiasm and message. Brent is very inspiring, especially to young people.

–Peggy Schlechter, Community Vitality Field Specialist at SDSU Extension — Rapid City Regional Center


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